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fiberanddice podcast

May 29, 2016

This episode is a wrap for Fiber & Dice Season 1! Featured this week: Fiber - a half finished object and new handspun. Books - Big Little Lies, Vampire Academy, Fairy Debt. Ask Us Anything. Game of the Week - I talk about Legacy games, campaign and story driven games, and our Game of the Week is T.I.M.E. Stories. We are...

Jun 30, 2014

Last podcast for June 2014. I talk about a lot of games, prep for Tour de Fleece, and how I made my chore lists.

Jun 22, 2014

This episode is a quick uddate, a bit of talk about How To Train Your Dragon 2, John Scalzi's Redshirts, Ducks in a Row, and Apples to Apples.

Apr 1, 2014

My first podcast wherein I begin my podcasting adventure.


Fiber & Dice Episode 001: 35 or 36?

You can find me as EngineersFalcon in Instagram and Ravelry. You can find the Ravelry Group by searching the Rav groups for Bluebonnet Fibers or Fiber and Dice podcast.

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